Do you remember?

Do you remember when I took those pictures?
Yah probably you do.
Don't you know? Now I really miss that time. Yes, indeed.
Let me recall you this story.

At the time, you got mad to me. hhe, start remembering?
You deserved doing that, it was my fault for not giving all information about my problem. I was so calm that day. I tried to convince you through sms,but it was no use. You wrote on your blog and facebook account the description of how mad you were, and I was just silent. That really made me sad. I knew you would not have any confidence at me , no more. Thus, I decided to wait and wait. when finally you kept your promise, It was so meaningful for me.I won't forget that.

I can still recall that it was Wednesday when you got angry, and I asked whether you would accompany me or not. But you said Yes, I was just thankful.
hhehe. Remembering this makes me shy, I was so naive facing you.
The day finally came, Saturday. I picked you up at 4 and we went there.

At the place, We talked much, actually I did. The way you answered me, The way you did not believe in me would never be forgotten. Until I felt thirsty, I realized that I had bought water but I didn't brought it with me to the building. That means I had to take it on my motorbike and ran towards you. Yes, I was so naive. I ran and ran towards you like running after something that I had lost. But yes, You trusted in me. I was happy. Can you imagine that?

And the main event was When I told you that I love you. May be not like that, it was "Aku suka Nisa".
hhhahhah. I felt really happy being able to declare my feeling to you and seeing your expression on your face. I knew, I heard that you told me so. You did love me too ^^.

Since that time, I promised my self that I'm never letting you go, and I do either now. From there, I took you as my sweetheart. Can you believe that you erased all my sadness?
Being close to you is a happiness, talking to you is a wonder, and having you is a miracle.

But who knows? a day after dating with you, I got an accident and I broke my leg.
I'm not able to run for long time, I cannot even walk normally right now.
This is the fate that I must face. However still, I am allowed seeing you ^^

And you know what? You do strengthen me. I dont know if I didnt have you by me, probably I was not as strong as I am. That makes me extra patient.

The distance we have now is only belief. And thanks for believing me because that is all the matters I need. May be not a 100% belief. But, that is enough. That is much enough for creating happiness inside me.

Best regards, Danar Khoirunnisa


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