to trust you fully


An enormous mistake I have ever made: to trust you fully.

Question arises: Why is it wrong to trust people fully?

No. No. No.
 It is by no means wrong to trust people fully.
You can do that if you'd like.

But notice. When you trust people fully, you don't give a thing of what they'll do or behave. You tend to leave them alone. Whether they make mistakes or not, you don't care..Because you just believe them.

 Quite clear now?

 The opposite way, when you trust people not fully, it doesn't mean that you suspect them either.
It means.. 
You give them opportunities to show you their capabilities.
You give them time (are people able to give time anyway?) to perform something.
You let them to prove something first ...

before finally you can appreciate what they do, say, or act.
That way, they will feel more honored since they are trusted to carry heavy responsibilities..

And I just trusted you fully.. so that I never saw your effort to perform things..
your effort to explain to me and many things..
I just wanted you to tell me the result.. I should have listened to the details.


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