A Past Temptation

Sitting in the yard of the rektorat with a man discussing something, suddenly my sight was diverted.
I tried so hard to ignore it, but my eyes kept moving and watching over where that object was passing by intensively..

In a short period of time, I took control again of my eyes and mind to focus on what I was discussing with that man. It seemed he didn't know that I was away for a moment.

About that object? Hmm.. Let me say it in details.

I saw a girl in pink shutting her mouth using her left hand as if as she tried not to laugh because of something (seeing me and him probably?) and cover it, walking along the road to the south from the west way of the rektorat crossing motorcycles parked there and trees until I couldn't see her clearly any more.

The most normal action is:

asking, "Was it you?"

but I didn't do that..
In the first place that idea came up: I guessed it was really you since I  learn that every Sunday you go back to this place.

Though it was.. It doesn't make any difference now :")
Thanks for appearing before me even if you do it in different forms : you come in different persons, in shadows depicting you, in dreams, etc. 

Now I learn something.. I am trapped..
in a thought of us.. in an idea of getting escape.. in a world of us..
and that is probably why I'm into you..

Like I've ever said to you..
 I love you still and I love you will.. :)



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