I know some, you know more and better, Allah knows best

Apart from what is happening now.
I  often say it in my prayers..
"O Allah almighty, take care of her and me and send your angels to protect us
from the danger and every bad thing..
strengthen our wills, bless our action, give us Your mercy..
cause I love her still and I love her will..

O Allah, I do hope you'll get us together again
'cause we separated because of You,,
I also pray : we meet again also because of You,,
Many said we push our hearts too much,,
but I always believe what she said:
"we're obeying Your commandments,,"

and if this is the best for us,,
let it be,,
The pain I feel, the longing I hide,
the worry I keep are uncountably better than..
having fun today or a couple days (let's say) and later being punished 
inside Your hell a couple centuries (or more?)

a quote from a friend modified a little by me

"Melanggar aturan agama...
sakit nya tuh di akhirat"



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