Why should we be separate?

Can we consider dreaming as a thinking process?

Right. I need to write a word before I forget this experience.

Let's me start from my prev post.
lately, I happened to do internal monologues and internal dialogues. I could really be sure that it was I who think, feel, and experience.
But, what about dreaming? Is it truly only I there? or someone else can go through?

Here is the detail.
Last night, I had a dream about us.
I knew exactly in my dream that we've been separate. We're not together any longer.
the fact is that, somehow, we were trapped somewhere I knew exactly that it was a place from another dream!! one more detail, the situation was dark. there is no light. we could barely see people and buildings.

one funny fact is that I realized that in the dream, it was also Ramadhan. Funny, isn't it?
we attempted to escape from that place. we were on my motorbike. suddenly, it had a flat tire.
we continued the journey on foot. You, surprisingly, showed me the way. It was my dream, why would you led the way?

finally, we stopped by a house. You called a name I cant remember now. I knew then that you called a friend I also know in the real world, the friend you're now close to each other.

You told me that she lent you some money, Rp10.000, which in my dream you intended to give me to repair the flat tire.

We continued again the journey, now your friend accompanied us to show the way.... that!!
just this moment I realized that the place was from my other dream!!

Somehow, I didn't realize that it was a dream however in the dream I felt that I knew the place!!
perhaps I didn't want to realize that it was only a dream :')
that's why I just enjoyed the journey.

We arrived at a three junctures, your friend leading the way walked too fast made us left behind.
previously, she lent us a flashlight. again to remind, it was dark!

we couldn't follow your friend. she left us. Finally, there were only us. you brought the flashlight. didn't know why I asked you to hand me the flashlight, probably you're tired?

but, we just walked some meters before the flashlight broke. the situation became more and more dark.

I was not frightened. Instead I enjoyed we could walk and talk together (although again I knew we've been separate)

We could pass through the road until finally I intended to tell you something. However, it never happened. I woke up before I told you. :')

I wish I can tell you what I wanted to say in my dream...

Catch you later.


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