Something borrowed, Something forgotten

Finally today I managed to visit the mie ayam canteen we used to search for together
twice back then, yet we never found.

I'm truly sorry I got mad and blamed everything on you at that moment.
Indeed, that was my mistake and has nothing to do with you. 
Anyway it would never be the same without you to enjoy such foods.

I often miss your preach, advice and praise especially those for me.
I really hope, that "someday" we've been waiting for will get us together (again?). 
Hence, there will be no more reasons for us for not being together..

 I never understood the sentence below until today, but then...
It was just too late to say it out loud right now.

Karena 'kita' bukan sekedar 'kata'...  :")

I haven't returned that magic card which enabled you to be extremely important for somebody else's life.
Probably I will hand it to you the time you return my jacket though I know you'll never need it anymore. You can give it away or burn it..
Thanks for being very nice, kind, and wise to me.

The one who's waiting for you,


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