My Final Fantasy ?


This is my story that may be my last chance to tell about.

I had  a dream one day .In my dream, I saw a starry night decorated with two moons (#Stupid, hah?).

However, still it is mine.

I woke up  and just realized that it was only  a fantasy I got.

Until today, I mean tonight....

I just realized what my dream meant. I went to a place somewhere in my hometown.

Only for today, I didn't go by myself. There was one accompanied me.

the dream tells me that it will be bettter than a fake-heaven and today, I would be able to see it.

Yeah, as I told you,in my dream, there were two moons. For some reason, I can't get the point.

But now, I can. The starry
night decorated with two moons was really there. I looked up and saw the heaven, but it was so bright around that I could not see any stars. 

Finally I discovered it.

Magically the two moons showed up

! hha (#lol).. I got the point.
-You still don't belive me, do you?

The first moon was high up there.

And the othere one..

was beside me, smiling in a happy face showing no sadness and guilty and teaching me to do something else betther than I did.

I wish I could fly there in heaven to give and show you the best of mine.


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